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Domain, Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, SSL ... etc all called website products
Web Development, Graphic Design, SEO, SMP, SMM ... etc all called services
Email, SMS & Social Media Marketing to promote your business & Pro Tools including 55+ tools to check performance of your website like website analytics, analysis, seo analysis, keyword analysis ... etc all called website tool, give you accurate insight of your website performance & cloud storage can protect your data, those all web applications called tools
Offcourse you can, if don't want to buy packaged products no worries, Enjoy upto 50% price reduction in our catalog for example if you want a hosting with minimum requirement then you might save around 35 ~ 50% reduction on regular bundled price furthermore if you cannot afford full SSL Certificate you can get minimum security & controls SSL Certificate in almost 35 ~ 50% reduction there are many more possibilities get in touch for more information & tell us your budget.
It's simple, if you need to get / buy website products, services or tools than you need to create an ITBS HUB account, it's based on 1 Platform | 1 Login | 1 Currency, you can get whole ITBS HUB's Catalog in exchange.
Client Dashboard: If you're ITBS HUB normal client than login here, you can place order, can get free ITBC's, can Buy ITBC's, can Track Your Orders Progress / ITBC's Transactions Or you can get from 1 to 5th Level of referral bonus coins from your referral user coins earning on the go ...
Reseller Dashboard: Complete your monthly sale target and get ITBC's in return, you can use those ITBC's for your own orders.
Get Free Coins: There are 3 ways to earn free ITBS (USD), 1st way is offerwall 2nd way is Contest Bonus | 3rd way is Multi Level Referral System
Buy Coins: There are 2 ways to buy ITBCs (USD)
70+ Local Payment Methods: You can buy ITBCs (USD) with our 70+ payments methods based on your location. Imagine you can even buy right from your mobile phone, credit cardless :)
Direct Bank Deposit: You can buy ITBCs (USD) by despositing directly our bank account.
Value: "1 | ITBS (USD) = $1" you can purchase $1 value product or service or tools with 1 | ITBS (USD)
Usage: You can Website product, services & tools new purchases & renewals in Exchange of ITBC's (USD)
1- Track Coins: You can track each & every ITBC transactions from single place realtime...
2- Track Orders: You can find all of your order information from single place
By default all products are set to auto renew to protect your data or online assets. However you can disable auto renewal as per your wish, Note: If you disable this auto renewal, *** We will not able renew your product and will not responsible for any loss all responsibility will be yours. Rememeber we also keep record of each acccount user renewal button press action with date & time, so keep in mind all responsibility will be your's you should have at least renewal total amount coins in your account to avoid any incident.If you have at least renewal's equal coins in your account we renew your product in advance, before 1 month to protect your product or data @ no additional cost. So, keep your account full of coins and help us to keep your product live :) we really want to keep your business up & running Or if you don't have enough coins we will notify by email if you alrady choosed to be notified at the time you signup.
Well, we highly recommend you to keep your account active & full of coins or at least the amount equal of your purchased items for future renewals or for new purchases.In case of low coins we never process any order.